Elmers E7330 Carpenters Wood Glue Max, 1 Gallon

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Elmers E7330 Carpenters Wood Glue Max, 1 Gallon Description

Size Name:1 Gallon  |  Style:Wood Glue Max Product Description The ultimate adhesive…adheres anything to anything with a permanent, strong, waterproof bond. Requires no mixing and is sandable, paintable and stainable. Best on: Stone, metal, ceramic, wood, foam, glass and more! Clean up: mineral spirits or acetone when glue is wet; sand & scrape when glue is dry.  Color when dry: Yellow From the Manufacturer For decades, Elmer’s has been making it easier to successfully complete projects exactly the way you want. Elmer’s products have been a familiar sight in workshops and homes across the country for over 60 years. Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue MAX is for interior and exterior applications. Carpenter’s Wood Glue MAX combines real wood fibers in its formula, which delivers superior staining when the job is done. You’ll get better results on staining, painting, and sanding than with ordinary wood glues. With Wood Glue MAX, the wood will break before the bond does. ANSI Type 1 waterproof. Easy to clean up with water. Comes in a variety of sizes. When it’s time for a specific fix, Elmer’s application-focused adhesives make it easy to find exactly the right Elmer’s for the job!

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