Pro X Pencil Drawer (Black) (2H x 23W x 16D)

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Pro X Pencil Drawer (Black) (2H x 23W x 16D) Description

This pencil drawer is ideal for new desks you are making or retrofitting into an existing desk that does not have the convenience of a pencil drawer. It mounts directly to the bottom of the desktop with the 4 included mounting brackets. If you have a lip on the front of your desk, it may be necessary to block down so that the mounting point of the pencil drawer is flush with the bottom of the lip. Screws and mounting brackets are included; however mounting instructions are NOT included. All that is necessary is to first screw on the four mounting brackets with the supplied machine screws, and then screw the unit to the bottom of the desk with the four provided wood screws. Make sure the slides are fully closed while mounting. A little tape helps keep them closed during installation. This insures that the slides stop the drawer evenly when fully extended. * Mounts directly to bottom of desktop * No drawer front needed * Overall Depth: 16-1/4′ * Overall Width: 23′ * Extends 11-3/4′

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