Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Dive Light

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Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Dive Light Description

UK’s C8 eLED has been a favorite for divers around the world for years. C8 eLED L2 takes the power and reliability of the original light, and amps it up. Putting out an impressive 1200 lumens with the optional rechargeable battery pack (and up to 900 lumens with alkaline batteries), the L2 more than doubles the output of its predecessor, while keeping everything you loved about the original. The C8 is an essential waterproof dive light for scuba enthusiasts everywhere. Made with non-corrosive materials, and including a new tough rubber bezel for impact resistance, the C8 will be with you for years. The long-life airline safe rechargeable battery pack will last up to 10 years with proper care, and the tough composite body will not corrode even after 20 years of salt water use. Featuring UK’s peak beam lumen techonology, which concentrates 90% of the lumen output into the center of the beam, minimizing glare and backscatter, and maximizing seeing distance.

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